Fluqe Who?

Fluqe Chic is one of the fastest growing international property investment enterprises in London, with a property portfolio worth over £1.2 million. Our investments are spread across the UK, Europe, North Africa and very soon launching in the UAE.


They say home is where the heart is and at Fluqe Chic we like to provide all the home comforts to our guests. We believe it’s the small things that matter, and it’s the little details that end up making the biggest differences.


We want to ensure your stay experience at one of our homes is memorable. You shouldn’t have to worry about having to pack unnecessary items of everyday use like shampoos or conditioners, as we always offer them as standard.

chic-boutique-chicOur global hosting partners ensure that all our properties are kept to 5 star standards. That means the only thing we want you to concentrate on while you’re away on your holiday is your holiday, and perhaps an eye on the weather.


More sleep…Less time counting sheep